Enlightened Darkness


Deep, running, flowing, glowing

Radiance, essence, life, showing

Bitter sweets, and sweet to the bone

Blackened fire, and darkened stones.

To live the life, to fight the war

To live the style, is so much more

Enlightened darkness, blackened hope

Fading life, but living to cope

Blood red love, and passion deep

Every single night you weep.

Knowing the difference between the two worlds,

Knowing the essence of darkness, and the lord

Enlightened darkness, eternal flame

Hopeless desire, endless pain.

Eerie shivers, down your spine

Enlightened darkness, darkness shines.

Insult the occult, and throw the woe

Don’t fight the darkness, black shall flow.

Blackened pride, pagan stride

Wide as the stride of the ancient cry.

Skin as pale as the moon lit night,

Darkness of life is ever so bright.

Enlightened darkness, darkened light

Another night, of lawless fright.

Pale as pale and white as white

Suck the passion, creep the night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

May look like it's self contradicting in places, but look closer.  It will make a lot more sense if you read for content, not context.

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