A Lifetime of Grief


My rating for this poem: **

((*-pure crap, **-Not so Great, ***-Farely decent, ****- Excellent, *****- Outstanding)

Walking through hallways that never seem to end,

why spare you a lifetime of grief sorrow and sin?

Could it be that the essence is gone,

or the passion sucked out of your life?

You'll end it with this all bottled up inside,

your end is the blade of a knife.

Pain, misery, all horrible things,

Sadness, dark, and fear,

What about the music that the songbird sings?

Live another day, or week, or YEAR.

Spare your life, from the blade of that knife,

or the razor held tight in your fist,

Please think twice before you roll risky dice,

Blood doth not flow from your wrists.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you are reading this now and you are sereously considering suicide STOP.  First of all, you have SO much potential.  You can do so much with your life.  Are you trying to end it because no one cares?  WRONG.  I care.  I don't care when or how, but if you send me an e-mail labled "SUICIDE", I PROMISE I will respond to it.  Think twice before you roll risky dice:

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