My Dear Old Grandpa


My Grandpa fought in the Second World War,

                                   And I asked him, “What did you do that for?”

                                   He told me he was drafted in ‘forty one,

                                   To fight Hitler, Mussolini, and the rising sun,

                                   Most of the soldiers out on that battlefield,

                                   Decided to hide behind a wall for a shield.

                                   But not my grandpa, he put up a fight,

                                   For the good people, and for the worlds right,

                                   He had an M1 strapped to his shoulder,

                                   And on his belt, a nifty ammunition holder,

                                   He was shot in the hand, and shrapnel hit his head,

                                   But my dear old Grandpa refused to be dead,

                                   He went on a fighting, and firing relays,

                                   And I talk to my Grandpa to this very day.

In honor of Edward Milo Creekmore,

                Who bravely fought in the second

             World war.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to my grandfather, Edward Milo Creekmore.  He fought in WWII, and he was the toughest technical sergeant on that field.  He fought through the rapido river crossing.  Over 200 American troops went in to that squirmish, and less than 12 made it out.  

NOTE: My grandfather is ill.  He can no longer walk easily, and he has lost weight.  However, he has strength.  He has the strength of many, and allthough he hasn't been at war for some time, he will keep on fighting his bravest.  God bless that man.
UPDATE: Grandpa passed away recently.  God rest his soul.

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