Remember the Alamo!


“Remember the Alamo!” was their cry,

                                         In the Texas revolution, all those people died,

                                         “Remember Goliad!” came after that,

                                         Remember Davy Crocket’s coonskin cap?

                                        When the horse came riding in,

                                        And the Mexicans said, “Surrender!”

                                        The brave Texans fired a canon at them,

                                       “Victory or Death!” in Travis’s splendor.

                                        They fought all day and fought all night,

                                        ‘Till the Mexicans broke through the wall,

                                        Travis first, was shot in the fight,

                                        But Davy Crocket didn’t fall.


                                        At Goliad, a massacre, they shot those people dead,

                                        But some of the bullets, amazingly, just flew over their heads.

                                        At San Jacinto, the Mexican flag flew low,

                                        I can hear the cries, “Remember the Alamo!”


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ok, definitely NOT one of my best.  Give me a break, I wrote this a LONG time ago.  Anywho, it's a decent history poem.

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