As the sun sets on a world full of hate,

The Garden of Eden has closed its gates.

Long, long ago in this faraway place,

Sin was created and plagued our race.

What world could distinguish such a fact?

Whose God can’t extinguish such an act?

None before our kind survived,

The ice age came and they all died.

“We came we saw we conquered,

On a yearly basis, ten other races,

Pollution, violence, industry, drugs,

Gangsters, tyrants, thieves and thugs.”

What was God thinking when he created us,

I  honestly think he misplaced his trust.

“Here's another 10, no 20, how bout’ 30 things to add to that list?

Oil, smogs, aluminum cans, plastics, papers, at the people’s demands,

Marijuana, cocaine, heroine, crack, Albums with rappers talking smack,

Swords, pistols, rifles, knives, cheating, stealing, treason, lies,

Adultery, murder, tyranny, oppression, gambling, manslaughter, misplaced affection,

Landfills, grenades, nuclear war, garbage, racism, WHATS ALL THIS FOR??!!

I could go on forever listing these facts,

There are over a million, not being exact.

Who is responsible for these things?  Could the answer be Adam and Eve?

Putting the blame on them because they were deceived, but never once thinking that it was me, or you, or the rest of this world, we’ve placed the blame, now the mystery is unfurled.  

But one question remains, why do we try to put the blame, on people that died so long ago, THIS IS INSANE!!

And why, for what, who needs the pain,

All this sin doesn’t hide the shame…

As the sun rises on a world full of gloom,

Greed and power begin to bloom,

Soon, soon, soon, soon,

Hurry, save us, before we ALL are doomed!!!

Dedicated to hope, for its not too late.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to hope, for it's not too late.  I wrote this a while back, and it reflects on all of the worlds humanly sins.  Just read the dang thing, it's not gonna bite you... I would hope...

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