Love at a distance


The worst thing in the world, I can taste

Is when you love someone but it goes to waste

When they will never know how you feel

You hide behind the veil of friendship

Perhaps it isn't quite love

Because it cannot develop

Because you know as well as I do

She will never know

Never know what it's like to hold her in my arms

Like a jewel, unrefined, but so far away

When it goes to waste, what can I say?

And the tears stream down your face

Love at a distance, it pangs the heart

Love at a distance, never to start

Like a knife, driven like the snow

Twisting slowly, a near fatal blow

Have you ever found an ounce of gold?

Wading through the streams in search of silver

It's value is a precious thing untold

But you cannot keep it

It can't be taken, it must be given

It's beauty so rare and mystified

How can you keep on living

When love doesn't abide

She'll never know, what feelings burn inside

One look at her is emotional suicide

My friend, your just along for the ride

I'll blow downstream, and end up with the tide

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is dedicated to ever man and woman who has a "secret crush", and knows the pain behind it.

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