Load Up on Guns



NOTE:  My sympathies for those affected by the Columbine tradgedy.  I am not writing this to mock, poke fun at, place the blame, or shroud anything affiliated with Columbine, I am simply opening it up to a new level of interpretation on the matter.  Please accept my condolences if you or a loved one has been affected by a school shooting.*

“Load up on guns, and bring your friends”

It’s only once, just one big Sin

Pick up some knives, say Amen

Cuz it is time, for the end…

The plan’s we make, the lives we take

Oh well, who care’s, so much despair

Some troubled teens, such misery

And no one cares… no ones there

And why?  For what?  Poor B**tard

And why?  For What? Take one in the gut…

Stock up on clips, grab the coats

You ready pal, it’s time to go

And build some bombs, why we taste

This hate, not sure, but I know the cure

Let’s take it back, all the flak

We ever took, point it back

They stole our minds, for the last time

And now we’ll kill ‘em all, no crime

And why? For What?  Poor B**tard

And Why? For What? Take one in the gut…

They’ll call us thieves, blame my mom

And blame your dad, dude, how rad

Well… this is it, one last song

The last we will ever hear, time’s near…

Jump in your car, drive to school

Don’t worry dude, just act cool

An open door, ready man?

It’s time to dirty up your hands…

Walk on in, the bomb’s don’t work

No way, oh well, it’s just a quirk

Let’s pay ‘em back, for their attack

A bullet here, a bullet there… THEYRE EVERYWHERE

And why? For what?  Poor B**tard

Any Why? For what? Take one in the gut…

A ricochet, a masquerade

The halls are painted, darker shade

So many killed, now we did it all and all,

We fought the law…

Well what next pal?  Thirteen’s great

Maybe we should call it a day

OH S**T, please don’t, I beg you man

Don’t take me too, by your own hand…

And now, were gone, and now were done

Both lying there, life wasn’t fair

We did it all, we played it cool

We killed them all that day at school.

A pool of blood, surrounds us now

They find us dead, and dead somehow

What now my friend?  What to do?

Cuz I’m dead, too, right next to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As you can tell by this and some other poems, school shootings (Columbine in particular) are an interest to me.  I find it INTERESTING that people try to place the blame on material things and words so trivial, yet the blame is really on society in general.  We grow up making fun of people, and when it comes back to bite us in the ass, we try to BLAME something else.  I sympathize for ALL the victims of the Columbine tradgedy, but ESPECIALLY Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.  I am a social outcast, so I can relate to them.  Don't get me wrong, I've said it a trillion times, just because you get made fun of doesn't give you the right to go to school and murder 13 people, but it's a reason as any, wrong or right, and it opens people's eyes to reality.  I sympathize for the KILLERS more, because if something makes you feel bad enough to kill 13 people, THEN yourselves, you must have felt pretty bad, bad enough to deserve MY sympathy.  This is written from the viewpoint of the killers.  From what I know, they weren't self centered, they were quiet, possibly a little mentally unstable, angry, and just about everything else the average teenager is, except one thing: they didn't want to put up with it any more.  And God rest all 15 victim's souls (notice I say 15, they were ALL victims in my eyes), this is for you guys.  Harris, Klebold, wherever you are, heaven or hell, this is for you guys.

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