My New Wings

The Damien books

As long as I remember, the cannonballs did fly
They could not storm the Citadel, no matter how they tried
The walls, they were impenetrable, because I built them well
Little did they know, inside the gates, I faced my hell

The Children of the Jackal, they bid me to attack
And every day that passed, another fell to the lines in back
Soon they dropped away, until one man was left alone
A Traveller, who never gave up, because he held the Throne

After the day he took me to stay, with him inside his home
And bid me dream about a Lamb, and robes, and bowls, and stones
I decided the war was futile, it would only kill me if I tried
I bowed my head in silence, and in gratitude I cried

The gates, were opened, I let them in, the wounded and the maimed
The Traveller, he helped their wounds, as I dressed them in my own way
The walls came down, a brick at a time, we gathered in the square
And we burned that damned old thorntree, that I carried "to make things fair"

We killed every Jackal, and Satan ran away
Alice and her son were lost, but I remember them every day
The swine went off a cliff nearby, the Succubi no longer tempts
The Priest came back to minister, and all sang songs that were truly meant

About the Child, we do not know, only the Traveller spake
"It's still alive, and I takes care, to assure you it is safe"

Now ever stone that ever was, and every brick and gate
We carried them out to the swathy mire, and threw them to their fate
The ashes of the thorntree, are kept inside an urn
And every time I see it, I remember, and I learn

That gates and walls and stones and bricks, are only meant to hurt
They keep those out who love you, and inside, your soul will churn
I beg of you, I PLEAD with you, never build a wall!
Listen to my story, my name is Damien, the levite, the penitent.... but it isn't really what I'm called

If you wish to heal, and avoid more pain, listen to these things
Find the Traveller, he isn't far, he will help you find your wings!

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