Late nights outstretched hands and minds

Waiting to clasp the  g a l a x i e s  in our eyes

The stars that glow brilliant and everlasting

They burned so hot that we were s i n g e d lovingly

Too slow they slip away

Not a trace,

              Not a whisper,

                                  Not a step

Locked together no way in no way out

Is this  e m b r a c e  that we are bound to a caress or a threat

Too soon the other hands lose their place before they were our saving grace

We were so sure this was g r a v i t y under our feet

But our hands bleed the red of dying stars,

They fumble,

                They falter,

                            They slacken

Resolve slipping like waning straining grip

It sticks and holds but leaves with  q u i c k e n i n g  pace

Hard to tell intentions when your own are fractured

We b l o o m e d into the sky bursting brilliantly a shockwave

All was lost as we collapsed in and in to black pulling in light and planets and suns

Unknown variables,

                           Unknown foes,

                                                   Unknown selves

Constellations that blink in the fading sky

Their pull their m a j e s t y is oppressive suppressive

Stories that are lost in the wordless quiet

So they only s h i m m e r as the ground crumbles beneath them

Words that weave and demolish thousand year-old warnings as we cleanse ourselves

No constraint,

         No fear,

No hope

While we burnt in a midnight sun

Our eyes were sunken so the darkness inside mirrored the darkness o u t s i d e

We wished for our starlight dreams to be made real

But with h u s h e d whispers we were denied

So many in this unending loop that crashes and crumbles and eclipses

Lost cares,

     Lost choices,

   Lost fantasies

Our skin was full of craters like asteroids

M a r r e d by furious white-hot contact

We reached out to touch before we lost faith in a collapsing eroding lifespan

Now we’re in a forever loop as we c r a s h to the ground

Slipped into ourselves we’re drunk on radiation

Falling dreams,

Falling worlds,

           Falling cosmos

It’s like a dream no a nightmare

The grip loosens the  f e a r  intensifies

Speak above you and below you

We were b l i n d e d by the spectacle of creation

Now we’re spinning out of control as we are crushed in your orbit

Cannot see,

               Cannot run,

                           Cannot waver

Will vision be cleared one cannot predict

This  w o r l d  is punctured an open wound

Nothing can last but we live half-lives in darkness waiting

Eyes shift to the skies but the e x p l o d i n g colors have dulled as we come to a close

Lifeblood rushes out stars burst worlds burn

Fade do hands,

               Fade do minds,

                                      Fade do galaxies

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