I thought, who is me,

Then who am i.

Brown skin, curly hair with black eyes,

Used to love, live and laugh,

But that self is a lie,

My body, a depressed shell that's dead inside

used to think i was crazy

I just have a split mind.

There is a hate in me,

Who has been personified,

A hate, that i keep deep inside.

Constantly feeding me sadistic urges,

Sometimes i start thinking, it gets me nervous

I get nervous, i want to purge and,

I think i'm losing control.

Spiraling down between two infinitely powerful worlds,

Neither of which i can hold.

I look around

Seeing these seemingly sane people.

I look to myself

Am i the only one that can't be happy and gleeful?

I'm being ignorant.

The world cannot hate me people hate people.

But why?

Why must we hate?

We're all ignorant, we all lie, do anything to get ahead,

I cry, you cry, and we all bleed red.

We all eat and sleep, and hate leaving the bed.

We all long for love, and end up dead.

But still we judge,

What we don't like, we hate, continue to throw away,


But he who perceives is deceived every day.

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