I feel you looking upon my skin

your thoughts of pure sin

we taste each others soul

never caring of any toll

look into my eyes

electric they paralyze

my tongue against yours

against your body

between your thighs

back on the floor

moans and sighs

up against the wall

insides feel small

every inch not left alone


can you feel the fire inside

with burning desire you ride

now back on all four

we keep wanting more

sweat dripping freely

your body grinds against me

slick and smooth to the touch

we never get enough

devious in our ways

we  play games

we don't care what people say

night comes

smiles on our face

swollen and throbbing all over the place

tender to the touch i kiss your flower

fun with ice

we play another hour

we get into position to resume our mission

For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

and sexual nutrition


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