Get Over It!

Gasp! Now that is an impossible goal!

How does one simply just ‘get over it”?

How is it even remotely possible when one still has ones memories and a missing piece of one’s soul?

By simply letting go of memories and emotions, every day, bit by bit

So that only ashes are left behind from one’s burning coal


Well; that is the recipe of ‘getting over it’, or at least that’s what ‘they’ say

But, what do ‘they really know’

Sure time heals broken hearts and fades some memories away

But is one then truly ‘over it”? I say no!

There are still remains: ashes every single day


A deep cut on one’s hand, will surely leave a scar for life

For ever, for eternity

A deep cut in one’s soul and heart, will then surely also leave a scar for life

For ever, for eternity

The only difference is that this scar is not visible for the eye to see, but can be seen in one’s eyes


The eyes are the windows to one’s soul, and so are mine

For everyone to see that there has never been and never will be ‘getting over it’

Memories will always remain, regardless how it faded over time

The soul and heart will always ache and pain, regardless of what one has tried to heal it

Get over it! Is simply impossible, even over time


I have loved intensely,

I have shared my soul

I got hurt immensely

And now, I have to live broken to eternity while life takes its toll



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