02. A Rose for you Part 2

Deirdra was huddled in the front seat, trying to brace for impact as her mother slammed on brakes.

Hand against the dash she heard her mother let out a tirade aimed at the other driver who more than likely was obeying the traffic laws.


"What the flying frinking fuck, " her mothers arm flew up and amid the bangles and diamond,s she made the Italian salute.


Dierdre huddled smaller as the girls she called her friends, tittered in the back seat.  It was her family's turn to car pool.  The nanny was sick, so her mother picked them up.


"Oh sorry girls. What a potty mouth I have, but did you see what that son of a bbbb....ad person did?" and she laughed with her twinkling giggle that made the girls titter even more.


Exasperated, DeeDee just cringed, and cringed some more as her mom kept at it, the girls being let out one by painfully long block after another, until it was just them in the car.


"Well there ya go.  All delivered and accounted for.  What say you and me go for ice cream? This is a treat for me to be here.  I had a nail appointment I had to cancel but I was happy to do it.  Poor nanny is really sick.  She's at home with your brother, so we have a little time before I have to take her to the doctors."


"No Mom, thanks mom I dont want any. Besides, I got a ton of homework to do."  They hadnt done ice cream after school since she was 10.  She was 15.


"I dont see any books."  Truth was Deirde had done her homework at school and left her books in her locker.


"I have it on my computer."


"This new way to teach.  I tell you those teachers are getting lazy, I tell you, Lazy. I have a mind to go to the principal and complain."

Dee Dee didnt need to respond, cuz her mother slammed on brakes again and started the cursing cycle again.


When they got home, Dee rushed up the stairs to her room and slammed the door.  Her mom had just enough time to stand out of the way after opening the front door. She hadn't lied to her mother, she did have her homework on her computer.  She was working on an idea: overhearing conversations in the next room or down the hall or even on another floor. She had some transmitters and equipment she was cannibalizing for her project. Her intent was to enter it in the Sceince fair.

She was deep in thought when her mother rapped on the door and told her she was taking the nanny to the doctors and could she watch her brother while they were out?

"Yea yea Yea yea," she told her mom."Yea stop bothering me....I'm...studying." Just then her phone binged with a text.

"I heard that young lady No texting until your homework is done." She couldnt tell the truth that she had done her homework cuz she just saif she was studying. Shit, damn now she saounded like her mpther.

"Ok mom I won't."

"All right we'll be home in a little over an hour." and her mother walked off in a callopy of jangling bangles and high heels.

"Love you!" her mothers voice faded down the stairs. 

"As if," dee dee thpught. "but not before yourself,..."and she replayed the sounds of her mother leaving.  DId she hear the clink of ice in a highball glass,  Surely she wasnt drinking now.

The house was quiet now.  Her little brother was probably watching TV or playing video games She probaly should go check.  She promised herself she would ...in a minute.  Her father would be home any time now.

Her Father should be home any time now she repeated to herself when she finally looked up from what she was doing.  It was well pass 7 o'clock.  She wondered where everyone was.  It was a treat to have the house quiet like this but eeiry.  She unwrapped her legs and stumbled as she felt the pins and needles in her foot.  Stamping it to wake it up she opened the door and called out to her brother.

Hey Jake whatcha doing?

She heard nothing. He was probavbly napping.  He was a lzy kid kike that. She went down the stairs, looking into the living room first.  The TV was on but no brother. Maybe he's in the kitchen.  All the lights were balzing but no kid.  And the milk was on the counter. She but it back It was still a bit chilled good sign.

Family room no She went back to the staris and called up to his room Getting scared she bound up and looked in his room His laptop was still runnig his games but he was nt there. Bile backed uo in her throat, a sick feeling started to come over her.

Fuck where was her brother?

Grabbing a jacket DD heads for the garge when she hears sirens in the distance.

Fuck the fuckin fuck she thinks

The garage door is up his bike is gone.

No the cusing starts in ernest and she starts to call her brothers phone no one answers She tires again and again By now she panick pacing the emptyv2 car  garage franticallly punching numbers of his friends Have yous seen Jake Have you seen my brother.  Finally the sirens cease and Mrs henderson says Yes He was just here He's heading home now or alt least a bout half hour ago.  I dont know I think Frank and him talked awhile on the porch Yes he had his bike No no helmet.

DD was about to hit the emergency button on the phone whenshe sees a small light bobbing in the dark coming up the street.  Her brother standing in the peddles laboring up the last hill to the house.

Where the fuck have you been? Why didnt you tell me you were taking off

I did I yelled up the stairs 

Did I answer you?


You should have asked

I did

No you didnt you yelled up the stairs expecting me to hear.

Gawd she sounded more and more like her mother what a shit thing to be like.


Explain Fighting parents drinking father sulking 


Sirens Mom in accident Mom dies mom disable and dd become care giver 

Eventually DD become spy or international investigator and mom is sore spot or achilles heel






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