Jim's Ride

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Jim headed for the door, patting his pockets, “Keys, check. Leather jacket check.  Where’s that helmet?” he thinks.

He rounds the corner into the kitchen to find a 3 year old tottering around with it on his head. 


“Look at me. I’m a motorcycle.


In his sweet voice he proceeds to make the sound of a motorcycle. Jim realizes what he’s doing and tries to get it off his newphew's head before he sprays the inside of the helmet with toddler spittle.


“Oh Lord,” he thinks when he realizes he’s not in time. “let’s hope that everyone's well in Miss Dorian'spre-school class.”


Kisses all around the kitchen table as Jim makes his exit.  His mom, his 2 sisters , even his cousin Noreen. They all yelled good bye, be safe, have fun, as he headed out the door.  It’s a riding day today. And tomorrow and the next day and probably the next… He didn’t’t know where he was going but he knew where he wanted to end up. 

Right now it was just the road and a song in his head,

Love came to my door 
With a sleeping roll 
And a madman's soul 
He thought for sure I'd seen him 
Dancing up a river in the dark 
Looking for a woman 
To court and spark



A woman to court and spark.  Thats where he was going.  She was in LA. That’s where she said she was going.  She couldn’t give up the City of Angels…

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