Thanksgiving RSVP and Invitation

The crunch under foot means you haven’t raked.
And if you haven’t raked, you probably haven’t baked.

Thanksgiving next month! Damn start the diet
We’ve got to look good, don’t you deny it.

The Carolina Johnsons plan to visit in pairs
(plus one).
We’ll see who in the end crawls up the stairs.

As long as its pumpkin and pecans that’s pied,
And not me or mine that end up pie eyed.

Stuffin’, dressin’ ? It’ll be me stuffed in a dress
The GPS’ fokkin destination better find the address

To hell with the carbs, butter’d, saccrine’d or divine
Break out the booze, we're coming to dine.


There’s a crunch under foot and a chill in the air.
Soon we gather and have turkey to share.

Thanksgiving is coming, and we’re ready to eat.
But celebrating together is really the treat.

It’s time to make plans to pack up your trunk.
And visit the family that takes turns being drunk.

Pilgrim or Indian, you pick a side.
Pumpkins and pecans are going to be pied.

Stuffing or dressing, which will it be?
GPS Flippen, and then you can see.

Hooray for the taters, the mashed and the sweet.
Let me know if you’re coming, I’ll save you a seat.

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