Will You Be Mine by Mike Fletcher

Poems To Me


By Mike Fletcher


Valentine's Day is so much more,
Than a day to just say hello,
It's a time to share your thoughts,
With the special one you know.


So I thought I'd put together,
A poem to my special lass,
Afterall it's February 14th

And I could not let it pass.


What a lucky man I am,
To have been allowed to meet
A lady so fine as you,
The guys fall at your feet.


I like all the things that you are,
And all that you will ever be,
I hope that soon once again,
Your beautiful eyes to see.


But always remember,
That I am around when you need,
A knight in armor to come 'ariding,
Upon a great white steed.


So once again the day has come,
For all of us to think a while,
About that pretty young face,
And your incredible smile.


Have a great day please oh lady,
It doesn't matter what you wear,
Even though we are apart,
You know I wish I were there.


It's only another day,

Just one of three hundred sixty-five,
But then again you have to admit,
It's a special day to be alive.


It's a time to say I care for you,

A moment to say 'you are fine',
And maybe to ask that question,
Valentine, "will you be mine"... ;)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

He has a tattoo which says Debs Sweet...One of those things in life you have to do...find a man willing to get a tattoo of your name, but don't ask him to, though, just see if he will. 

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