2005-04-29 The Love Cartel

2002-2004 Muse

I don't think I have to worry about him anymore
I don't think he is who I thought he was
(Or who I wanted to think he was)
Sort of the Easter Bunny thing
The Santa disconnection
The Tooth Fairy Cartel
Its not how it seems
Its not as you wish
Its not whats best
But what has been
A gloroius rememberance
A breathtaking dalliance
The end of all ends
In a decision
Best made for me
Truth be
It was
I love you still
But I see...


I don't have to worry about you anymore
I don't have to worry will you change
Come around
Need me again
Like I needed you
You didnt love as I loved
You didnt feel as I felt
You didn't see the forever
I saw

It makes you think
It makes you breath
It makes you long
It makes those songs so true

"Only You"

"I Love you Still"
"I Will Always Love You"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You notice  its shaped like an urn...a rememberance urn...as in funeral...

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