Bridal Shower?

Just a Poem


The invitation said
Todays's date
The time written
Was now
The address right
Slightly ascuded
But the number
Same as the house
The street
a name
Not to be confuse
But the guest
In the dark
in the afternoon sun
The house is empty
Door shut tight
Phone unanswered
The drive not swept
Porch untidy
With cigarrette butts
No one home
Gift in hand
I turn away
The let down
The disappointment
Gives way to concern
Is the wedding off
Is the bride alright
A parent ill
A child sick
Is the groom
for the 4th time
The loss
of the anticipated
Estrogen rush
of a
Bridal Shower
Overwhelms the guest
No smell
Of hairspray and perfume
No happy squeal of joy
No tinkle of teacups
No taste of dainty cakes
and mints
No mothers
and aunts
Cousins and coworkers
Is everything okay
Was it a typo
And I didnt know
and concerned
I head back home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have the worse thoughts as to what happened...but the simple matter the hostess wrote the wrong date on mine I think she was concentrating on making sure she wrote 2004 she made March 13 March 14 on my plain as day...I'm gonna kick Kim's butt! Got a poem outta it!

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