Yatzee Flavored Coffee

Conversation at the beginning of what was going to be a long retail night one week before Christmas.

Brenda E: I love flavored coffee.

Me: We have French Vanilla and Yatzee.

Brenda E: Yatzee?

Me: (wondering to myself where did that come from and did I really say Yatzee flavored coffee) I mean Hazelnut we have Hazelnut coffee...

Brenda E: I'll take the French Vanilla.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was at the end of my regular work day at the Harley shop and beginning of Ladies Night a week before Christmas.  We had assembled door prizes for our customers and one was a Yatzee game and the other a mug and a can of HD regular coffee.  The customer picked the mug but I guess I still had Yatzee on the brain working toward a 13 hour day of retail sales.  Did I mention it was a week before Christmans?

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