So Country Songs Don't Make Me Cry

Just a Poem

I want to be in love
So country songs
Don't make me cry,
I want love songs
To make me smile,
Tunes of affirmation
To fill me with hope
Instead of the dread.

The dread 

Of the hopelessness
Of my feelings
Of love
Where did it go?
Wished away
In a minute
Of decisions
Not shared by me...


These songs

They keep playing
In my mind
I keep hearing.

Country songs

Make me cry
Love songs
Make me long
And affirmation
A cheesy bid
For the buck...


As soon
As that
Love light
As soon
As that
Heart soars,
I'll be back
Pulled into the sentiment
Of Momma, truck, and wife
Pulled into the emotion
Of new found love
And reaffirmed
By life's true meaning


Country songs
Won't make me cry
Love songs
Will be sung for me
And dread
Will be dead...


Country songs still might make me cry...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

And let me tell you makes it hard to live in the South as I do when Country Songs make you cry.

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