2003-06-14 Trip Telling

A day you had
Of taming nazi's
And photographing children.
It began with a run for the train.
A forgotten camera brought you back
For more brochen and cheese
And a later transport.
The statue fooled you,
It suddenly came alive.
The museum of sex
Took a half hour of your time.
All on the bicycle
All on the zoomer
All in a day
In Amsterdam

Excited and exhausted
You relay to me
At fourteen cents a minute
On international lines.
The hookers by day
The canals at night
The children playing against
A marketing walls.
Advertisements and chinese food
Make up the evening's beginning.
The colors the flowers
The considerate people
What you remember at evenings end
All in a day
In Amsterdam.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We talk on the phone and he tells me is day...in 2003 you paid dearly to talk internationally

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