Fair Day First draft

Fair day came, she was all a flitter,

A day in the sun with just her mother.

Her chairot a stoller, umbrella and cramped,

Restrained and buckled, hunched, now encamped.

In transport too small

For her body too tall,

They saw the balloons

In the air they would zoom.

"Oh, look another one gone up to the sky!"

"Oh, the waste of the money, oh the waste of a five."

"I want one, Mommy, I want one of my own."

"I'll get you one daughter, when we have to go home."

So the money was spent on games of chance 

Winning a few, losing the cash.

She rode small rides, Mommy's face flashing by

Yet, in her mind the balloon and how it would fly.

So as they day began to sate

And they made their way to the gate,

Mommy bought the balloon, purple colored and big

Placing the precious string in the palm of her kid

As her little hand reach for the sky to let it go

Mommy clamped her big paw down and startled with a no!

"You can let it go at the house but not at the fair.

"Five dollars aren't meant for a brief little affair"

So. the wailing began and ceased to desist

Until the van brought them home at the mommy's insist,

Inside the abode on that hot autumn day

The little girl wiped her tears away

Letting go finally, sailing the balloon to the ceiling

It hit and it bounces gaily in a loud latex killing.

Her Mommy stood aghast at the plight of the balloon

And took up the wail for the waste of a sou

And she held her daughter close

and asked her to forgive her

For not letting her toddler's whim

Become a greater moment.

To watch the balloon fly off to the heavens

Is something they wont have, wont have that five minutes

Oh, letting it go, letting life take you there

Letting everything go in the the flight of a balloon.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

First rough draft Have another copy I am looking for with corrections

My enviromentally concience daughter now says, bUt the birds mom you saved the birds.

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