To Another Woman

He’s going to, another woman. 

To kiss cheek to cheek
In the Italian style. 
Two times and once again,
Peck peck,
After leaving my bed,
Where he bit my thighs
Two times. 
Bite bite,
And once again to make me
He’s traveling miles, to another woman. 
To live a life, minus me,
In an Italian world. 
This is twice, no thrice,
Could be more,
We don’t remember. 
How many times,
He’s left my bed
To return to, another 
Sometimes tears
many times anger 
proceeds the leaving 
The goings away. 
But we always stay
Deep in our hearts 
Lovers, can’t leave. 
Never let go. 
Thighs to thighs. 
Flying in a plane, heading to her,
Just as he did earlier 
To me. 
To kiss kiss cheek to cheek,
And once again,
In the Italian way. 
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