The Heat on his Shoulder

The Heat on his Shoulder


The heat, right there, the spot, right there, right there,

On his shoulder, on the morsel of flesh

Fills my senses, I breathe in to taste him,

Breathe out to release him, his fragrance with

Mine, smell so arousing, air mesmerizing.

A banquet, a feast with hands and with mouth

The aroma of skin, aroma of

Heat, that heat right there, there, on his skin, the

Spot on his shoulder, I lay my head in

Lay in a dalliance of peppery skin.

The ferocity of the frolick, how

Languid the recoil, to bathe in the

Afterglow of the sharp smell of lovemaking

The sharp smell of lust, requited.


July 25, 2017

Raleigh, NC

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