Caught on the West Coast



The tethered soul, sad eyes of chains

Not free to love, not free to love

He said it’s the 4 o’clock flight

From Baltimore

Its an early infection

Caught on the West Coast

He seems to stare at harbor lights

And blink only when the phone does


Blink and blink and blink

Call from undisclosed

You never could stand to tell them no

Those solicitators of time

Never could say no to any solicitation

For your soul.

A good man they’d say

He was a good good man

But he’s trapped in an unteathered cluster

Of obligations and desire

Desire to right the only wrong

Desire to find desire

Desire so much to go on

And not go on and on and on and on

Caught on the West Coast

An early infection of undisclosed desire.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No idea He was talking to me from Balitmore staring at the harbor lights

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