Pixie Dust

  • How Do you Defined Love?

    “Pixie dust and

    stars in your eyes,”

    spill from his

    cracked lips as

    he coughs his


    “There is no ryhme

    to love.”

    “And of desire? What

    Say you of desire?”

    “That,  I have knowledge."

    He pulls lint from his tongue,

    “A measure of affection

    “Is what a woman wants.”

    A quantity of time

    A woman needs

    Pull her in with

    Pixie dust

    And stars

    And your eyes, your eyes

    Never leave hers.

    With a measure of affection

    You will roam her good fortunes.

    Take use of her bounty

    Never wanting for desire.

    But you must spread

    Pixie Dust

    With stars in your


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