The Cumbersome Faults


Bellhaven a town of five,

Grew in his love and potent flares

She shivered as she dove

Deep beneath his cumbersome faults

To the misty beaches in his eyes


They ran the grocer

Her love of loves

Carrying the parcels to waiting cars

Making bank trips on bicycle seats

Fucking all night under uncovered bulbs


Market lights on strings of electric

Pattern up the ceiling joists

She travels her journey

In whims of ecstasy

And sweeps the storeroom of tattered webs


Children join the dusty mop head

Ringing the sound of miniature him's

She and he's of minute proportions

Occupy the grocery carts, and

Two wheeled seats of financial ruin.


The market lights on strings of wire

Sputter with the fading current

He sucks the lips of his love of loves

And squirrels his toes behind her ankles

Fucking the night under unsheltered bulbs


They all are gone now in Bellhaven

The town of five is now beyond the five.

They all run around on seats of bicycles

Bank drafts and grocery carts

All gone to litter.


Her love of love gone down in a blizzard

Her children amassing out there by the highway

Her market light patterning the joists

As she dives deep beneath

The cumbersome faults.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ordinary love ordinary life in a whimsical peculiar children type of image. Type of love that produces children and cobwebs but faniciful lovemaking beneather market lights drab yet magical.  Until the town dries up and everyone moves to the suburbs by the highway.  But he dies and she expires...

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