Warrior Princess


Warrior Princess


Bang away at life

The warrior princess fights

Battles of defenses

Held up in corrugated fences

Trapped in incongruent lies

that wear away at her disguise

she feels the web

she feels the tides

She feels the weakness

In storied lives

What tale they tell her

What words convince her

Hand over the heart

Lie silent in the dark

And cry unprincess tears

of the warrior's fear.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Earl: 2 plus years of battling life alone after the death of my s.o. has finally wore me down.

This poem has led me in two directions at the end....Is she a a little girl lying in the dark with her hands over her heart crying becasue shes having to wear big girl pants and she's in reality (unprincess) scared even as a man would be.

Or Is she being manipulated by men/society to hand over her heart( soul money love idenity) to a man and lie silently in the dark (unnoticed unacknowledged repressed) and cry unprincess (reality not fantasy) tears of real life dangers.  This is where I want it to go...but a note says victims are boring...She's not a victim but a representation of inequality where a princess warrior is still not good enough ad can be brought down my a lie a web wa weekness a tale...

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