The Ross Guy

Profile Chapters

It's Friday.  They finally got to be in the same space as the other.  For days, weeks, they danced around, and changed their minds, and rearranged a time to meet.  Finally, today, they were here, looking at each other, and thinking the same thing.

"How the hell can I get away from this person."

The drinks were cold. the atmosphere was good, even the seats were comfortable.  Why the wish to escape?

He locked her with his eyes and she felt everything in her life to this point disappear.

She tilted her head at him and he felt a shift inside that made him feel foolish.  No one makes him feel foolish, especillay someone he just met.

He scootes over to her side of the booth.  The closer he get in the horseshoe shaped booth, the more the scared hare look comes to her eyes.  He gets to a breath of her and continues to stare her down.  He could actual see her nippples harden under her blouse.  She shifts a bit in her seat and looks as if she is holding her breath.

"Oh, Lord," she thinks.   "What do I do? My god, I feel my nipples reacting. What the f..," he kisses her.  

"Let's get this out of the way," he thinks. "Either she's good, or she ain't and then I can go."  

Disappear. World where did you go? World? as she reacts to the suddenness of the kiss with a push pull of ignited desire.

To be continued............


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