we Picnicked in Bed


We picnicked in bed

you know we couldn't leave,

The floor was too covered

With all of our clothes.

We would slip, we would fall

And create all kinds of havoc,

If we even dared

to leave our bed.

So we stayed,

and we picnicked

On the hollow of his neck,

And the soft curve of her shoulder.

The kisses were savory

of uneaten chocolate.

We never touched nourishment,

But we picnicked indeed.

The smell of his heat,

And the perfume of her rose

Meet in a mixture

We ate with a spoon.

Are you hungry my dear,

I made you a sandwich.

But it falls uneaten

to the top of the pile

Of tossed away clothing

In mounds on the ground.

They dress each day

without leaving the bed

And undress all the day

in the mind of the other.

The only food they devour

Are the nibbles they shared

From eaches own flesh.

The hallow of his neck

The curve of her shoulder

Until one day

in the middle of the week

all that they found

Was a very large spoon

And cast away clothes  

In mounds

On the ground. 








Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have mixed up the pronouns I know think I like it that way.

We keep forgetting to eat dinner.



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