1. Silver Gold A story

Singled out in a lime colored room

She huddled against the couch

And hung her head into her glass

He was looking at her.

At her.

She drew a breath

And he held it for her.

A silver golden thread of


Hung between them

A man she did not know.

She could feel him

There across the room

She could know how

He’d feel if she ran her hands

Slowly across his shoulders

Sitting in command of every

Atom of his being

She’d trail her fingers like

Rivulets along his back.

Painted nails slip up the neck

To cradle the jaw of

A man she didn’t know

Her thoughts wander to this

As she sits rooted to the upholstery

Bare nails wrapped around

Sweating crystal

She kisses him

Leans over and kisses him

Kisses him Kisses him Kisses him

This man she does not know

What are you thnking

She turns and blinks

A voice inside her head.

You know I saw you

You know I see you.

There across the room

And he trails his hand across

Her shoulder

Sends shivers electrifying

Down to her thighs

He follows his fingers

To face her and asks

"Is this seat taken?"

He sits and the crystal sweats and

She bobs her head and lets out the breath

He was holding

The threads collapse

And the corposant flame

Not burning but initiating

Like a novice to the church

Glows in the fires of St Erasmus

Captured and belonging

Her heart flew

To the man she did not know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Challenged/ encouraged to write a narrative poem Copy of the suggestion to remind me of the quest

"I'm wondering if you can create a long-form narrative poem... string together your writing about meeting, falling in love, feeling rejected, going off the rails...

Diary of a mad housewife kinda stuff. What do you think?



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