Penetrating Permissiveness



Penetrating permissiveness purposefully penile,

Seemingly semen persuades even you.

Dark dancing dandelion outlined in shadows

Mark master walls in pendulum motion,

the spawn spone

of sex,

the rubbing of skin


kinetic fire


magnetic repulsion

of the


Panders to the pervasive and perverted night

Lay in the labia-littered linens.

The quivering quantitative quantum

of gloriouslunch glistening sweat,

Pools the purposeful permissive phallic.

Seemingly semen persuades even me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is just a play with words and words and words, I had to look up a lot of them up,  though my brain thought them. Labium linens Love it.  I picture this as 2 hands rubbing together in a pedulum tempo almost like a pilates machine in its sliding motion.

Have you experienced Qi?

Rub your hands together like you are warming them in a prayer like position.  Rub quickly to gather the energy.  When you feel the warmth and you have focused your mind pull them apart and then bring them back together.  Feel the resistance of the qi.    With properly done accupunture you can bounce your hands off the qi surrounding your body.  Cool stuff i know just enough to be dangerous.

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