Love That Cannot Be Revealed


Love that I cannot reveal

 like sonnets on that summer day
Chide me and make me whole
Whole quivering mass of pure  wanton sadness
I cannot reveal that that I feel
I cannot reveal that which is felt 
I cannot reveal all in my heart all
In my soul 
and all in my all. 
Why keep it hidden from the cloudless sun 
What dry patch of earth requires our secret
What  risky knowledge is there to play
Havoc on our small world of lust
You cannot know the depth of my feelings
You cannot know the depth of yours
Bring it out so that we may see 
that we may examine 
And Let it be and let it be
Truth knows and truth denies
Mistresses keeping her downward eyes
Spies and lies and circus cries
Herald loudly your false lives
Love not revealed kills in time
A metered measure of clocks resound
Tocking away at the imprisioned sound 
Tick takes from its lead and bounds
Man to success and woman to undress
Keep me tethered to your life's measure keep me
Hungry for all of your pleasure 
I am yours and you are mine all
Within that small and narrow space 
called time. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

He lives in the desert. 

He says

your writing gets better and better.

I am not coming back.

you have to let go so we can find a place where we can be best of friends



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