Unguided Tour

Unguided tour, do bring these words to me

is through deep eyes this moment prospers best

Surpass these expectations painlessly

Then tear them from this now defenseless chest

Just once, unshielded, now for you to see

Where once I yielded I have failed the test

These trusted oaths have set the caged one free

Soaring high along one who knows me best

Must not fly so high that I grace the skies

So to not have to wipe clouds from my eyes

Must not incriminate myself easily

Inner battle with thoughts that cannot rest



Are you so sure, for surely I would leap

A sheltered realization you convey

This shaky answer guarded I will keep

Comfortable silence, grins upon display

For how long til I wake up from this sleep

These dreams run circles all throughout my day

All other thoughts they stumble through the deep

Your eyes all my consciousness will relay

Do guide us through until our souls at last

Find freedom in this present from the past

Create with me a place where we can be

Within these dreams forever may we lay


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