Because its true

I made my lover a friend
I took for granted the love that I spend
recooperating just so I can pretend
I can love all over again
peel back the glass window
everyone see but me
my focus is the ground
my life is the sound
my heart is in hands
not just one but two
im shifting pieces to the other
I once was wise and knew how to answer it all
now that im in its harder
my tears dont stop ever
its been months and I still cant get myself together
the only medicine is time
just like wine it gets better with old age 
I dont want to grow up to have to end this way
caught in a web similar to arguments that have no meaning
your a lie so demeaning
trying to justify a wrong that i dont have to deal with
that im trying to be real about
somehow the right words for your wrong opinions
dont come out
my lover no longer my friend
just the one that drag the strings
and my hearts at the end

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