you tease my desire

making it harder

so our love is a ghost
but the moment you speak to me I know
I know you still love me and yearn for my attention
you want me to break down and confess
but I don't
you want me to tell my boyfriend its over
but I won't
I'm not gonna run out cause you wanna run back in
you play a game I don't wanna to be included
make a offer of friendship?
but that would hurt
even though I'm with him
your with her
it all lacks sensible reason
I don't try to hard to figure it out
you love me
it cuts through the desires of my heart
thats all I ever wanted really
to just feel your love forever
but forever ended after my birthday
theres a R.I.P on the part of me that once loved you
my desires .like a very low flame ,flares
when you say my name
it shrinks when your not around
it's a ghost ,our love
but you make it come life sometimes
my heart holds still trying to be strong
knowing it's a test
I swallow my feelings and speak unfamiliarly
I cant let you figure I will give in
but you tease me with my heart on a string
and I reach when your not looking


Author's Notes/Comments: 

trying to move on from him....with him popping back in my life it's harder than ever..he was my first love

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