loved soaked rain

we walked around your nieborhood

and then it started to rain...

my natural reaction was to run for cover

but you wanted to stay out

and walk around in the  rain

so how could i say no

i was young and stupid but so were you

we walked around and splashed it puddles  like we were kids

it was  fun...

but  i ruined it

i think i did

i pulled you close as  rain dripped off your face

and your hair  became dark and thick

it felt like a good time to tell you how  i felt

and i brought you in and  looked inside your eyes

and told you "i think im falling in love with you"

you seemed  startled

like the water was clogging  your ears.

but i had let the first  shot off

and the  worse thing that could happen is  for you not to return fire

i poured my heart out like the rain poured  from the sky

but like the water my words just ran off you on to the  ground

I told you iloved you in the  rain

but you had nothing to say...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the first time i told a  girl i loved her... if your a  guy never ever say it first

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