So come all you people

Tell your stories

We got time for one

We got time for all

Let us in

 And let it out

If you want to cry,

 If you want to scream

Then let the tears fall

Let us hear you shout.


It’s not easy now,

But would we be here if it was?

We’ve all got memories

Some of love some of hate

Some of joy some of pain

You’ve got yours and we’ve got ours

Alone they’re heavy but together their less

Let’s carry each other’s


Treasure this time we have together

It’s but one fleeting moment

But because its short means

Everything’s   important

So listen to the voice

It can change you

But only by your choice


Don’t leave with any regret

And don’t you ever forget

Don’t let the fire die

Like you said it never would

We want to see it burn inside

It’s going to be hard

But let’s give it a shot

If we don’t have love


What have we got?

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