Miriam dance

Nature black and white,
Blue and red inside,
All colors mixed in new and old wine,
The personality under your breast shine,
Sweet moon, manna in the night,
Showing of the milky way on intelligent sky,
Sunrise like the sail behind,
Around transparent air is full of lights,
Wings move as the smile,
Younger than all sins, she dress rain forest, river of the life,
Elderess of paradise,
Between all trees pure bronzed Miss walk by golden flight,
Baby on her knees consoles psychological sea again,
Hairs of thinks before spiritual wind so nice,
Sweet eyes against the accusation's fist of fake priest Snake,
No one impure know to touch This Ark Alive,
By Trinity of Suns of Truth in her own good will She Is,
Axis and sense of things and beings so fine,
My Queen of Peace, Hi!

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