Thank You

For so long I forgot the warmth of a smile

The comfort of a touch that brings out the inner child

The sound of laughter echoing through the air

The relief knowing, the one beside me really care

I couldn’t remember how to love, how to believe

My heart locked up, no emotions to retrieve

I didn’t care whether I’m up or I’m down

Lost in myself and didn’t want to be found

Then I saw your face and felt your touch

Heard your sweet voice; Oh, I missed you so much

Like an angle you came bringing along the key,

Unlocking my heart; giving me a chance to be free

Thank you, my love, for the kind works you said

For showing me the importance of living instead

For opening my eyes, clearing my mind

Showing me a path I couldn’t find

Thanks you, my dear, for the moments we’ve had

All the memories we made, be it good or bad

And as I go through each day, I wish for a new start

Hoping to find love to heal my broken heart

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