Your Name

I looked at your photo and your face I don’t see

The sound of your laugh is no longer a memory

The brightness in your eyes slowly faded away

So why is your name in my thoughts today?

I no longer think of you in the presence of my friend

When she’s around I don’t feel the need to pretend

For a kiss from your lips is no longer my thirst

So why when I call her, your name comes to mind first?

When I’m alone at night its not you that I miss

The lingering thoughts of your love I’ve learned to resist

No frown or wishful thinking circling the air

So why is your name such a beautiful fear?

Confused and frustrated that is all I feel

Refusing to believe what is real is real

Am I so use to pretending, I’m pretending to pretend?

Or is it the fat lady I am hearing singing it’s the end?

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