Fickle Weather [October 10, 2017]


Fickle Weather


I have a lot to say to you that I wish I had said before.

I say: "I love you" but I wish I had told you something more.

I wish I had told you that I appreciate everything you do for me.

If I had just one moment to reflect on my mistakes, would I be free?


In my head I tell myself that we will be together forever.

But then you come at me like we're nothing but fickle weather.

The words I said were once smooth, the finest fabric

But now they shatter like glass, creating climatic havoc


The house trembles and quakes around us as we continue to fight.

Just another fractured window broken in the dead of the night.

Objects hurled through the room you're throwing as you're crying.

Our first photo hits the glass littered floor as I fall to silence.


I'm bleeding!

I'm on my knees, I'm begging!

You're cheating!

He walks in the door, I'm yelling!

You're screaming!

I'm collapsed on the floor, I'm dying!

You're leaving!

I'm fighting to stay awake, I'm seizing!


A polished shard of perspective replicates your intense beauty.

Dancing flames of passionate anguish and emotional cruelty.

Piercing my heartbroken chest crimson trickles around the buried blade.

You flee the scene watching the blood flow around the choices you made.


Lying in a puddle of my own blood the sound of sirens begins to haunt me.

I remember when we first met, you were in college and I was a nobody.

How sad you were when I first joined the army, and I was sent overseas.

I watch the car leave the driveway...what could I have done differently?

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