Demons [December 7, 2016]


He stands, trapped in frozen time with an absent mind

Lost within the infinite echoes of his own demise

His life a script, written by demons of twisted fate

A prisoner pinned beneath his own wretched hate


Swirling, chaotic darkness swallows his entire being

Wrapping him in a cloak of a forgotten meaning

Stabbing with daggers coated in drowning misery

Burning his dreams with an unrelenting agony


The shackles rip the skin from his decaying flesh

The blood drips from his wounds so tender and fresh

His heart bursts from the pain of an endless suffering

His soul being choked by his demons, suffocating


With eyes painted with the blood of his silence

He stands against his demons for hopeless penance

An unbreakable wall of guilt stands undefeated before him

An unstoppable army charges forward with power and sin


His spine snaps like a leafless twig in a storm

His pathetic body exposed in mangled form

He collapses within his own mind, defeated and broken

To the outside world he sheds a tear from merciless torture


Alone and bitter, he walks with false serenity

Disfigured, separated from a corrupt society

Never looking back, for death eagerly waits

For his demons to return the written fate

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