Walking down a blissful memory lane,

Figuring out what’s there to tame.

Reminiscing every piece of cane,

Love still lingers with no shame.  


Draw your ear a little bit close,

Sounds of sadness worthy to note.

Clear silence hollow down the hose,

Settling the loudness through its force.


Through this silence hold me near,

Longing to feel your touch with no tear.

Craving each minute to be so dear,

Time runs out with no steer.


Sweet little nothings to fathom every day,

Craving to hear your voice and not to drift away.

Closing my eyes, I kneel down and pray,

Pleading dear lord to forever let you stay!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lines running through my mind on Valentine's day for a special person close to my heart. 

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