Stephanie Ebata / A00817628

Diego Quiroga / A00820735


A new start

Once, there was a god, that one day decided, after many days and nights of deception and sadness for his once beautiful land that was now destroyed by its human inhabitants, to create a new world, a different world. This time, he would only include animals to roam freely in this world, leaving humanity out of the equation so that their home could not be destroyed once more and the animals could be unabridged without being captured or eaten by humans the god considered as selfish.


The first day he created the land and the sea, everything just as pure as in the beginning. the second day he put all kinds of plants in this new beautiful world so that the animals could feed themselves abundantly, and on the third and final day he gave life to the animals that were still living on the previous planet even though it was almost destroyed. These animals were really surprised when this happened, because they had lost all hope and thought they were destined to die out unequivocally.


The surprise for them was even bigger when they realized they had a fresh start, the air in this new world was crisp and clean, their food was fresh and bountiful, and they could do whatever they pleased without the fear of the terrors that humans had caused them and made them suffer. Don’t mistake though, for this god was aware that all living things live and die, this is only the natural cycle of life. But he did not want to see once more the horrific way the cycle of life was being excessively abused.


Lion, a very wise being, mostly because in his past life he had been hunted down and tortured in a castigating zoo, had been roaming around, in awe of this new beauty and peace in this new home of his. His heart was full as he roared and purred liberally. One day he came across Tiny Turtle near an oasis, and he saw too that Tiny Turtle was living once more. Lion jumped into the oasis, splashing Tiny Turtle and both lost control of their laughter. Without even saying it, both thought that in the other life, this situation would’ve never occurred, because in their past life and the stress and aggressiveness in their environment, Tiny Turtle would’ve been Lions supper, thus extinguishing all possibilities of a splendid friendship.


They swam and the splashed, taking up this new vivacity of life. Tiny Turtle finally turned to Lion and said, “Lion, what if this happiness is only just temporary? What if our new world becomes what it was once more?”. Lion contemplated for a second, feeling a rush of fear for such possibility, but quickly changed his heart of thought and turned to Tiny Turtle, patting him gently with his bushy tail and said, “Think deeply about the first of your past lives, where there were no humans hunting down your family, or polluting the oceans homes. Where you felt as free as you do now. Do you remember?”. Tiny Turtle felt a little melancholic, but also felt much relief and said to Lion, “We must gather and cherish this new life with our brothers and sisters, we must be generous and kind and passionately grateful. I am so grateful.” Lion just looked at him with kind eyes and said, “We are here to makes this new world the greatest world.” And in that moment they laughed once more, because of their sudden existentialism, because all fear had vanished and their hearts were truly full.


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