speak out.

you hide your words with bleeding lips

a swollen face

bruises on your arms and torso that will never quite heal, because they are never given the time.

you put yourself through this every saturday.

you know this time won't be the last.

you know it won't stop even if you say "no."

you should scream it, but you haven't the courage.

besides, you don't want to cause a scene, stir up drama, or fuel a family feud.

you know it would be denied anyways- "do you honestly think i'd do that, mom?"

and who will they believe- a chipper kid prone to exaggeration, or a not-quite-sane-but-not-quite-insane Christian?

so until then, fake a smile. be fake. tell no one.

besides, it'll only blow up in your face like a science experiment gone wrong.

pretend you couldn't care less as you toss and turn in the bed.

after all, you got yourself into this.

maybe someday you'll find a way out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

thinking about the past.

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