lovers playlist.


nothing is needed but what we have

a lovers playlist and sights and sounds

you could distort my world with just one breath

instead, you took my hand and said,

"i'd rather waste some time with you."

unhinged and shallow,

i aim to please.

fragile yet alluring,

i tempt and torment.

"babe, youre killing me."

id be there in a heartbeat if i could.

we can cling to memories of last week

when, for once, fear didn't swallow me up

as we lay in your room with the windows shut

and the lights down low.

i looked up at you, and i said,

"i stand here in darkness.

unclothed and honest for you."

some things will end up hidden in plain sight.

my hands shook until i passed

those boundaries previously tainted

youre calm and collected as we go about our business.

another pick-me-up

and we're tangled up in each other.

and you said,

"Dull heat rises from the sheets.

I'm both a patient boy,

Well, and a jealous man.

But double standardized suspicion,

Is remedied, oh, my blue heaven,

Sometimes, it just feels better to give in."

and i wonder why this can't be my reality.

the only thing i've never left behind

i want to get you out of my head

and into my heart.

as i looked into the mirror the next day and looked back at you

asleep on the bed,

i said,

"And I dare you to forget the marks you left across my neck,

From those nights when we were both found at our best.

Now I could make this obvious, and you,

You could deny me all in one breath,

You could shrug me off your shoulders."

and i went out the same way i came in.

leaving you undisturbed

i wrote you a note and it said,

"i'm waiting. i'm waiting till it's over."

and after a long night out,

you called at your usual 3 am.

the music pressed onwards,

and you said softly,

"If chasing our dreams is just a distraction,

I'll want to remember when I know that I can't go back."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for ryan.

quotes are from actual songs.
' i'dwaste some time with you '- the used, blue and yellow.

'unclothed and honest'- dont die cindy, unclothed and honest

'dull heat'- taking back sunday, my blue heaven
'and i dare you to forget' - taking back sunday, your own disaster

'chasing our dreams'- taking back sunday, new american classic.

yeah. we both like tbs.
woop woop.

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