the reality is.


piece the puzzle together yourself

because im through

ive made my clean getaway

and your words wont stop me now.

the reality is



your expectations are too brutal for me to face

im  backing out while ive got the chance

because if i stay much longer this'll hurt for the worse.

so pack your bags and leave.

your words are too generic

coming from a twisted tongue

you should have spoken up before

because the reality is

ive been wanting to do this for far too long now.

and youre telling me your sober

but i know youre lying

"i can see straight through your armor."

yeah, well look a little bit harder

and youll see ive had enough.

and the reality is


the world stops

and you dont.

youre left wondering what just happened

as others are left in your wake.


pathetic just doesnt suit you

so dont come crying to me, begging and pleading

coming out the way youve always come in.

so pack your bags and leave.

your asking me for things i can never give

watching you stumble this time was just too much for me

i hope you never take the time to think of me.

so take your memories, because i don't want them anymore.

i'll burn the pictures as soon as you step out the door.

"i wont forget this."

and i hope you dont.

because youve hurt me now for the last time

this one wont go below the belt.

and i promise myself i wont hang on.

i wont.

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