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have a pregnancy scare (“you weren’t ready”)

be at risk for STDs (“if he gave you a fucking STD I will fucking kill him”)

fall in love (“I put your picture up on my MySpace and said, this is my girlfriend.”)

know the positions (“isn’t that what they published the karma sutra for?”)

have a death wish (“if you kill yourself, I’ll kill you!”)

be physically scarred (“I love her stories…”)

to take the SAT (“are you sure it wasn’t the PSATs?”)

To develop nude pictures (“Can I see them?”

To be anorexic (“If I find you and you’re anorexic again, I’ll kill you.”)

To put someone in jail (“but will you testify?”

To hate.. myself (“I thought you were over that.”)

To raise someone and go to school at the same time (“is that your daughter?”)

To have a job (“It’s illegal!”)

To be desired (“can I fuck you?” “How much do you cost?”)

To be attracted to someone simply because I want them (“do you want to try?”)

To defy everything (“what DO you do?”)

Has that stopped me yet?

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