Saving Maya From Herself-- And Me


I wonder if anyone will ever

Tell you how to say “no” when

A boy asks for your heart.

Will they teach you how to let go

When that’s the thing you want to do

The least yet helps the most?

Did they ever tell you it’s okay to cry?

The real meaning of “I love you?”

Will you grow up and be serious, blocking

Out the sun and it’s smile?

Will you refuse to be my sun, refuse to smile?

Will you grow up at all?

Will your life go down the same road as mine,

A waste of years in treatment,

Buckets of money down the drain,

Just to realize you knew everything all along?

Will you choose those few bad things I didn’t?

Will you forget me, your older sister, and

How much I love you?

Will your remember only my mistakes?

How can they teach you what I refused to learn?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for my little girl :)

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